What’s linkbuilding?

What’s linkbuilding?

Linkbuilding is the construction of a link mass to improve a website’s ranking in search engines. Linkbuilding is the basis for a quality and sustainable result. It allows you to place search engines and provide relevant, voluminous and constant traffic. Every more or less qualified specialist will say with confidence that backlinks to the site is just necessary if you want to get to the top of search results. Website positions are still heavily influenced by content and backlinks. Therefore, you can not ignore linkbuilding under any circumstances.

Of course, today you can’t just buy thousands of links at a cheap price, without paying attention to the quality of sources. You need to choose only those sites that will give you relevant traffic – that is, potential customers. Build a linkbuilding, which is loved by search engines, a difficult task, but feasible, if you stick to proven methods. LinkLifting can help you with this task.

Provide value to users

The most obvious, simple and, most importantly, working strategy is a link byte. Its essence is to create quality content that will bring traffic to the target website due to its own value. To do this, you need to think about what information your target audience will be happy to share on the Internet. Look at your content from the outside and think about whether it deserves to be shared and therefore provide you with a link or not.

That’s why it’s important to know your audience. In order to understand them, you need to try different types of content and follow the user’s reactions. There is no 100% working linkbuilding strategy. But on the other hand, it means that everyone is fighting for positions on equal terms. So be brave and try to create content worthy of reference. Speaking of content, it is worth remembering that the video slowly displaces the text. They can provide rapid promotion of the site for several reasons. Videos are much more willing to share on the Internet, they are happy to watch. On average, an Internet user watches about 206 videos per month. Videos are also processed by users much faster than the text. 

And if you do not have ideas for content, try approaches that have been tested in practice and proven to be effective:

  • Unique insides. Interviews, research, personal experience and other unique information that only you have will definitely attract the attention of users.
  • Useful articles or surveys. By creating materials in which you explain the intricacies of interaction with your product, you attract the target audience and, accordingly, get a chance to earn new links.
  • Video. As we said above, there is a future behind video clips. You can combine text and clips, making the material more interesting and interactive.
  • Hot topics. Keep an eye on what’s going on in your industry, and try to talk about what’s in the trend at the moment. Naturally, you should also prepare materials for public holidays.

While devoting resources to content marketing, you will notice that the external optimization as if it were happening by itself. Users will share your quality materials, bringing you a lot of free and relevant traffic.

Guest blogging

This is a great method, especially if you need to build a linkbuilding.  But here you have to consider the nuances. On the one hand, guest blogging allows you not only to earn backlinks, but also to reach a much larger number of users, which is equally important to improve the rating of the website. But on the other hand, low-quality blogging will not bring any results, and you will only waste time and money.

Advantages of the strategy:

  • coverage of the target audience;
  • attracting lids (potential clients);
  • increasing brand loyalty;
  • the opportunity to tell about yourself in detail.