A growth hormone

A growth hormone

With omatotropin aka growth hormone – is a peptide hormone human pituitary. It plays a key role in building muscle mass and increasing strength. In sports, namely in bodybuilding, he, along with testosterone, builds a real muscle athlete out of you. Low levels of these hormones cause what is called a muscle plateau.

With a plateau, the athlete does not get the expected results despite proper training and nutrition. But in fact, proper training, nutrition, and healthy sleep will automatically raise your growth hormone levels to a fairly high level. So if you comply with all the necessary conditions, and muscle growth is not observed, then the problem most likely lies in your endocrine system, and only a doctor can help here. Fortunately, such cases are very rare. The story should start with the acquisition of such an unusual name. The fact is that this peptide hormone significantly increases the growth of bones in length in all young people. This is purely about natural growth hormone, which is most pronounced in youth. With each passing year, its secretion decreases, as a result of which we see weak bones and a low metabolic rate.

Properties of somatotropin :

  • anabolic effect, accelerating the corresponding processes;
  • anti – catabolic effect;
  • acceleration of recovery processes;
  • a decrease in the body fat percentage, mainly subcutaneous;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • the effect of rejuvenation;
  • strengthening bones, tendons and ligaments.

As you can see, growth hormone plays a truly dominant role not only in bodybuilding, but in the life of any person. This is why many people are desperate to raise their levels in rather unnatural ways, we are talking about the great and terrible drugs with the brand name “AAS”, popularly known as “anabolic steroids”. More details here https://theroids.ws/.

Secretion and age-related changes

Like most other human hormones, growth hormone has a periodic secretion of an unstable nature. In general, during the day, growth hormone is released mainly during the so-called peaks. As a rule, each such peak occurs after 4-5 hours, but only with a healthy lifestyle, i.e. with regular strength training, proper nutrition, and long sleep. By the way, the highest surge of growth hormone is observed approximately 1-1.5 hours after falling asleep, however, any awakening during this period of time will reduce its secretion to the previous level, which is why only deep sleep is recommended.

As mentioned above, it goes down every year. Take a look at the pictorial graph. As you can see, in the interval of 20-30 years, you still have the opportunity to make the most of its presence, after the third decade, your task is to maintain the same level of growth hormone and reduce its suppression. Fortunately, bodybuilding does a great job of doing this.

Other peptide hormones, somatostatin and somatoliberin, are largely responsible for the secretion of growth hormone. However, these are far from the only regulators. The increase in the level of growth hormone depends on a large number of factors, including physiological ones. It should be noted that at the moment, various scientists have proven that it is possible to increase its secretion by 3-5 times, and without the use of various pharmacology, i.e. – hormonal drugs. The golden rule of bodybuilding is that exercise, nutrition, and recovery all contribute to this increase.

The last two factors affecting its secretion are glucose and temperature. The fact is that a high level of glucose in the blood causes a large amount of insulin, which in turn blocks and suppresses the production of growth hormone, which is why competent athletes, even after training, do not consume carbohydrates with a very high glycemic index. With regard to temperature, we are talking about your environment. Cold significantly inhibits the release of growth hormone molecules, this applies to both exercise and sleep. In general, the warmer you are, the better for the secretion of growth hormone. You can find more useful information by following the link https://theroids.ws/teratropin-hgh-teragon-labs/.

Sports supplements and pharmaceutical

C never mention the growth hormone is produced by the body, i.e., possesses a natural nature, and as a result, it cannot carry side effects, well, perhaps only with huge overdoses. As a rule, the only thing that can upset athletes is the lack of positive effects. The fact is that the intake of growth hormone in some people causes a noticeable increase in the results, while in others – the absence of any changes as such. There are many reasons for this, and as a rule, the main one is an incorrectly drawn up course. Our editors are categorically against the use of synthetic growth hormone. All this is an unnecessary measure, because it is quite easy to increase its level in a natural way.

It is worth noting that today in Canada only Jitropin is officially certified, which has more than a hundred fakes. As a rule, athletes acquire exactly fake analogues of the drug, as a result of which unforeseen side effects are observed, because their composition is strikingly different from the intended one. In general, the additional synthetic stimulation of growth hormone is safe, but it is very difficult to find the original drug. We can say that the game is simply not worth the candle.

The high popularity of growth hormone pharmacology is due to the fact that, due to its nature, it does not harm the human reproductive system, in other words, it cannot affect erectile function. At the moment, the sports nutrition industry can offer you many supplements that increase the level of peptide hormone by about 2-3 times. As a rule, they contain a sufficient amount of arginine, glutamine and other safe components.

Recently, the so-called peptides, from which growth hormone is actually synthesized, have begun to gain more and more popularity. Peptides are essentially long amino acid compounds, which is why they are called growth hormone stimulants. Their popularity is due to their low cost, other actions in the body and a gradual increase in the level of growth hormone, and not a sharp surge. We will definitely talk about the difference between peptides and growth hormone in the future.